Shaped In Mexico. Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf, South Bank, London

Alejandro Fournier Shaped in Mexico

Invitacion Shaped in Mexico


Dates: 4th – 12th September 2015

Opening reception: Thursday 3rd September 2015, 7 – 11PM (RSVP essential)

Opening hours: 11AM – 6PM

Location: Bargehouse, Oxo Tower Wharf, South Bank, London, SE1 9PH



Maribel Portela / MEXICO

Marisa Raygoza / MEXICO

Maru Rojas / MEXICO

Mauricio Cervantes / MEXICO

Oslyn Whizar / MEXICO

Pilar Enrich / MEXICO & UK

Silvia Lerin / SPAIN

Sol Natividad, Frederick Rodriguez & Abraham Chavelas / MEXICO

Tania Lopez Winkler / MEXICO & UK

Viviana Díaz / COLOMBIA

Warren Hair / MEXICO

Adrián Guerrero / MEXICO

Alejandro Fournier / MEXICO

Alexandra Clark / DENMARK

Christi Haupt / SOUTH AFRICA

Christian Becerra / MEXICO

Diana Coca / SPAIN

Elizabeth de Jesus / MEXICO

Ernesto Alva / MEXICO

Ernesto Walker / MEXICO

Federica Tavián Ferrighi / ITALY

Jacobo Alonso / MEXICO

Mariana Gullco /ARGENTINA





5:00 PM- 6:00 PM


Joe From Wisconsin is an Alter-ego project of the artist Alejandro Fournier extension of his arts work, where from composing music and

lyrics involves different media in the plastic, visual and conceptual level.





Shaped in Mexico is a contemporary art exhibition supported by the Margain-Junco Collection that brings together works by international artists from, or inspired by, Mexico. 

The exhibition has a multidisciplinary format that combines different understandings and particular outsider views of contemporary visual arts from Mexico. Shaped in Mexico encourages public and artist interaction, generating discussion and dialogue through programmed guided tours and open talks. All exhibited artists are Mexican either by heritage or by creative choice, meaning that Mexico’s rich cultural tradition and identity has inspired or provoked their artistic sensibilities.  The exhibition contributes to the visibility of Mexico on the international stage, by providing a global platform for emerging and mid-career contemporary artists.

Shaped in Mexico is focused on a collaborative approach to production, and has been generated through discursive means between collectors, artists, curators and collaborators. The project was developed in Mexico, for the world, by the founders of DISTRITO 14 Art Project in Monterrey, alongside artists and curators including: Lorena JuncoSilvia P. Morton, Daniela Fernández, Curator olgaMargarita Dávila and artist Raul Cerrillo.

Artists are either directly invited to exhibit in project rooms or apply through an open-call. They are selected through an inclusive curatorial model, composed of experts from various backgrounds, in a process that aims to transcend all Mexican geo-political boundaries and bring the dynamism of the Mexican contemporary art scene to Europe.

Artworks exhibited are available for sale, with proceeds directly supporting the artists and Shaped in Mexico programming,  structure that combines philanthropic and commercial practices as the organisation evolves.